Confidently Weather Any Storm

Ultra-Durable Roofs & Gutters

Protecting your home and your family, your roof is your home’s first line of defense.

Whether your roof is over 15 years old or has sustained storm, hail or wind damage, it needs to be thoroughly examined by a qualified professional. Replacing roofs and roof repairs have been our expertise for 20+ years!

Did you know it’s not uncommon for new construction homes to be built without gutters? It’s true. Thankfully, the Elevation Home Solutions team protects your home with our 25-year warranty GAF shingles and our durable gutters.

We will help you determine if your roof damage is eligible to be filed as an insurance claim and then hold your hand to walk you through the claims process, ensuring your insurance company handles your claim fairly.

Complete Roofing Replacement
Roof Completion
Protect Your Family & Home

High-Quality Windows & Doors

Experience an elevated living standard through a fresh perspective on the world around you, courtesy of Elevation Home Solutions and their exquisite range of windows. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the extensive selection of high-quality, energy-efficient, and visually appealing windows designed for both residential and commercial purposes.

At the heart of our mission lies durability, as we meticulously source the finest windows built to stand the test of time. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to guiding you in finding the ideal window design that perfectly complements your interior and exterior style while easily fitting within your budget. We offer a diverse array of styles and sizes, including casement, awning, slider, double-hung, and picture windows, catering to all your renovation needs. With minimal maintenance required, our windows will provide years of enjoyment, allowing you to relax and revel in their beauty.

Confidently Weather Any Storm

Premium Quality Siding

Ignoring leaks and otherwise compromised spots in your siding will only lead to greater headaches later. Settling for low-quality materials will only bring about the issue again, sooner rather than later. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay top dollar for top quality siding.

Elevation Home Solutions is notably characterized by their unwavering dedication to exclusively employing the finest available materials. They meticulously select top-tier siding products that not only exude visual allure but also demonstrate durability, weather resistance, and a design built to withstand the trials of time. Whether your preference leans towards vinyl, fiber cement, or any other siding variant, Elevation Home Solutions presents a comprehensive array of high-caliber choices tailored to match your aesthetic inclinations and functional prerequisites.

Complete Roofing Replacement
Installed Walk In Tub


32 inch OUTSWING door.

No threshold, sit down slide in.

Patented 180° handle system for ease of use.

Grab bar on top of the tub for added safety.

Fast fill water faucet, 18 gallons per minute.

Advanced drain system, for fast draining

Beauty, Safety, & Functionality

Walk-in Tubs

We are committed to the highest quality products that emphasize beauty and safety.  You no longer have to spend 20-30k for a Walk-In Tub from a national brand.  At EHS you get the same features  plus our ELEVATED options at a LOWER cost.


Our Specialities

  • Roofing & Gutters


    We pride ourselves on 7-10 days quote to install, the fastest in the industry.

  • Siding


    With only the best quality products on the market, we ensure your home looks great and stays protected.

  • Windows & Doors


    Fire resistance, energy efficiency, and appearance are just some of the qualities you'll experience.

  • Walk-In Tubs


    Bathe safely, at a lower cost compared to national brands. We deliver a quality product, unlike anything you will find on the market today.